The RISE is the most expansive and embedded global network of Tamil speaking entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, academia, researchers artists and public intellectuals who believe in the ideals of shared prosperity, impactful collaborations, empathy, environmental stewardship and peace.

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Dr. Ansari

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Mr. Saravanan Sinapan

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Mr. Tamil Selvam Dorairaj

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Dr Sri Rasamanickam

Rev. Dr. Jegath Gaspar Raj Founder, The RISE Global

The RISE Purpose

To inspire and unite Tamil entrepreneurs, professionals, public intellectuals and knowledge resources all over the world; to work hard for the peaceful emergence of Tamils in the 21st century; to excel in all fields of knowledge, innovation, art, culture, media and public good. To change the way Tamils look at the world, and the way world looks at Tamils. To RISE as a people worthy of global respect.