Below is a concise overview of the application process:

Review of the application form filled by the member – Please ensure all mandatory fields marked in RED * are filled.

Upon receipt, your application will undergo a review by the Secretariat and your local chapter to ensure that all the criteria are met.

Communication with the chapter

After receiving your application, the secretariat will arrange a call with you to delve deeper into your interest in the RISE.

Processing of the application

Verification documents such as the Company Registration Certificate, PAN number, Address Proof, and ID Proof will be requested.

Access to the RISE portal

Upon successfully completing the application review and payment processing, you will be granted access to the RISE Portal, which includes features such as the Chapter, Directory, Events, Knowledge, and a range of additional member benefits.

Induction and training

The chapter Office Bearers and the Core Committee team will guide you along with the RISE secretariat. Any information you need will be provided to you on chapter meetings, summits, updates on the RISE etc.

You will also me added in the official WhatsApp group of the RISE chapter.