ARAM based social, economic, cultural transformation for the wellbeing of every being. The approach is essentially tri-dimensional: Personal growth and wellbeing of every member; every member caring for the growth and well-being of fellow members; all members passionately participating and contributing to the total transformation of Tamils as a society globally; all members as The Rise organization contributing to the welfare of wider humanity.


That everyone on earth shall have life, a life in all its fullness.


To enable a platform for global entrepreneurs and professionals to collaborate, cooperate, cocreate and co-exist for effectively contributing to the above vision, goal and purpose. The immediate focus shall be:

  • 1. To co-create capital, aggregate knowledge, competencies and experience to support enterprises, innovations and transformation.

  • 2. To enable, support and scale businesses, innovations, co-working spaces, co-operative social enterprises, futuristic education and skilling, resources based distributed development, and a culture of coexistence and peace.

  • 3. To facilitate entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, professionals and others to find each other, collaborate and co-create sustainable ventures at varying scale.