Rev. Dr. Jegath Gaspar Raj Founder, The RISE Global

To inspire and unite Tamil entrepreneurs, professionals, public intellectuals and knowledge resources all over the world; to work hard for the peaceful emergence of Tamils in the 21st century; to excel in all fields of knowledge, innovation, art, culture, media and public good. To change the way Tamils look at the world, and the way world looks at Tamils. To RISE as a people worthy of global respect.

Rev. Dr. Jegath Gaspar Raj founded The RISE in the year 2018. Besides triple graduate degrees in Philosophy, Theology, History and a Masters in Political Science he has done special studies in Geo Politics, Geo-economics and public policy. He served as a broadcaster with Radio veritas Asia, Manila - Philippines between1995 - 2001. He is the producer of Music Maestro Ilayaraja's magnum opus Thiruvasagam in Symphony. In a public life spanning 30+ years he has mobilised educational scholarships for 47,000+ poor children, supported environmental causes, particularly planting 1,25,000 trees and more than 3,00,000 palmyra seeds. He currently curates Green Earth movement. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the Asia Metropolitan University, Johor, Malaysia. He is regarded and respected as a Public Intellectual by global Tamils. Rev. Dr. Jegath Gaspar Raj can be reached through his personal. email:

The RISE Beliefs & Values

Beliefs: The Rise exists, operates and rests on the bedrock of its belief in Tamils continuity as a civilization and practicing ARAM based values.

Values: The Rise member is called upon to internalize these ARAM based values and exult in their inherent majesty.

  • That all women, men and varied genders are born equal, so are every being on earth.

  • That every person on earth is a friend, every place is like my village and all of us are part of a large family.

  • That empathy is the best fruit of reason, knowledge and all human endeavours.

  • That no belief can match the real transformative power of human creative imaginations, hard work and unyielding perseverance.

  • That we will always be humble, dignified and generous in success.

  • That ethical wealth making is supremely noble, but deploying it for common good is an adorable spiritual trait and the very purpose of the pursuit of wealth making.

  • That love, kindness and such good virtues are our best ornaments whereas hatred and bigotry in the name of religion, caste, language and nationality are cancer of the soul.


  • We commit ourselves to abide, and be guided by the tenats and priorities defined by the community of nations represented by the UN and its organisations.

  • Wherever we exist and operate we absolutely commit to abide by the existing laws of the land.

  • We shall never support or associate ourselves with organisations and ideologies that promote violence, hatred, exclusion and bigotry in the name of religion, caste, ethnicity, language, gender and political beliefs.

  • We hold Tamil as a unifying civilisational identity that reconciles the internal divisions of caste, religion, politics and class. We deeply believe and cherish Tamil as an ancient Civilisation; we are more than 90 million Tamil speaking people spread around various parts of the world, that we are a cultural nation without a sovereign state and hence we seek the friendship, grace and support of all nations and people on earth to protect and advance our language and culture, and our collective existence as a cultural community.

  • We commit our collective knowledge, competencies and moral resources to be used by UN and such other common global agencies in any emergency or disaster situations in any part of the world.